• What is VidHide - Fast HLS Video Streaming Service?
    VidHide - Fast HLS Video Streaming Service is a video hosting service provider. VidHide offers online storage, upload, and sophisticated video playback tools.
    With VidHide - Fast HLS Video Streaming Service, you can store your videos and stream them online from your browser or mobile device.
  • Why should I use VidHide - Fast HLS Video Streaming Service?
    Whenever you need to share a video, VidHide | Fast HLS Video Streaming Service can assist you. We optimize the quality/size of your videos and make them playable in web players. Therefore, you can start watching videos quickly without having to download the entire file.
  • Can I search for other people's uploaded files?
    Yes, you can search for other video files that have been marked as public.
  • What types of files can be uploaded?
    All video file formats. The only limitations are for copyrighted material, pornographic content, nude photos, and any type of offensive material. Please refer to our TOS for more information on VidHide' service terms.
  • How do I delete a file I uploaded?
    To delete a file you uploaded, you can use the Delete Link provided to you after the upload process or delete that file from your My Videos page.
  • Can I hotlink the things I upload?
    No. Hotlinking is not allowed on any type of file uploaded to our servers.
    I still have questions!
    Don't hesitate to contact us using our contact form.